by A Night In The Abyss

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A Night In The Abyss's debut EP, Theophagy.

3 Track concept EP documenting a mans triumph in his quest to usurp & murder the gods, cannibalise there bodies & absorb there power as the new found ruler of the modern world before its imminent destruction

We love to write music for you guys and will continue to do so for along as we can! However we are students and barely have enough to eat so it would be greatly appreciated if you donate what you feel the EPs quality warrants so we can continue to produce more music, and give you guys more back in the future!



released April 11, 2015

Josh Hillier - Vocals/Lyrics/Additional Guitars
Jack Higgs - Guitar/Orchestration/Lyrics
Chris Homer - Guitar
Reuben Bescoby - Bass
Jordan Bain - Drums/Orchestration

Morgan Reid - Guest Solo on Divination

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by David Archer @ Tidal Force Studios
Artwork by Carl Sewell
All Music Copyrighted by A Night In The Abyss



all rights reserved


A Night In The Abyss Brighton, UK

We are ANITA.
An unsigned 5 piece blackened death metal band from Brighton UK,

We offer this EP for the sum of £2, less than the price of your average cup of coffee. We're full time students and all of our money minus rent/food goes into this so please, if you can help us by buying the EP we will remember it personally.

Support great music so that we can go about bringing you new content!
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Track Name: I. Deicide
'You learn to keep yourself secluded,
Shift the blame to the scapegoat.
You point the finger,
Other hand at your mens throats.
Turning green from these bank notes you feed yourself.
Money can’t buy you peace,
Money remains as the disease.

Desecrated, not elevated to a plateau
Befouled by liars and sadists,
But in this animalistic abode,
I edge towards temptation
Consecrated and desecrated.
Your world is run by killers and rapists
Thou should not defile my name,
I killed god all but not for the fame

I am speaking in tongues.

Unhand your book of lies, and constant contradiction.
There must be something in-between your fucking ears.
One conforming misleading deceit after another.
You’re part of the system, the fucking machine

Now, discard of your fairy tail,
Unhand your book of lies. (Book of lies)

Desecrated, not elevated to a plateau,
Mislead and deluded.
Observe your people.
Observe yourself.

Fall before the wretched allied nations.
They form as a sancity of pure manipulation.

Watch as they march one by one, spreading lies in unison
Unaware and venerable victims, we're awaiting the pitfall

It’s not too late.
Unhand your book of lies!

The gods line in excision, execution.
Inhale, the pestilent death,
Of the Underworld.
I admire your fortitude.

Concentrated not elevated,
To a plateau, befouled by liars and sadists.
But this animalistic abode,
Forces temptation
I am speaking in tongues.
I have become befouled by liars and sadists.
Thou shalt not defile my name,
I killed god, all but not for the fame.

All but not for the fame.
All but not for the fame.’
Track Name: II. Theophagy
'Cast down as a spectacle,
limpid and exiting life by strangulation,
this story is a twisted tale,
an elegy of Babylonian mystification

For, this, fort-ti-tude,
I'll consume, the gods rapacious oblation,
I take sus-tin-ance, in death.

I am stoic in stature, thy foundations in stone
Through the consumption of numen, all of my seeds have been sewn
Although my lack of compassion was just a withering fraction of the aura that has granted me the right to thine throne.

I'm a tyrant by nature, a ravenous creature,
The far sight changed whilst controlling the future
The jaws rending flesh, off with this deities head
Premonitions of the worlds carnivorous end.

I pray claim to a fallacy,
Mind controlled by your fascist leaders, who are, (Condemned to death)
But the 'devil inside us all,'
A dillusion of choice, a plagiarists call

Rome will fall

The sanctum of the ancients, exiled to the depths of abaddon
But all life has been forgotton
An enigma at the altar of demise
A malignant Sacrifice
Exhausting all existing, husks of life

I pray claim to a fallacy,
Mind controlled by your fascist leaders, who are, (Condemned to death)
But the 'devil inside us all,'
An illusion of choice, a plagiarists call

Elysium, I plotted your fall
Foolish in your council of only cowards and whores. The pantheon dismembered, extinguish the torch, they were the scraps, and you are the main course.

But what more could you possibly ask for?
This barren waste, not a humble space,
To act out pantomime mankind, over the husks of this wretched race.

Monopolising cult

Commencing this liturgy
Enslaved in obscurity
Your thoughts perspiring this infernal epistemology
A sentencing to perennial anguish
Titans, exhuming in the flesh
A feeling of nefarious content
Goliath, attempting to ascend'
Track Name: III. Divination
We are independent creatures
Inhabited the earth with a purpose to live
Eradicate existence of the mind control contamination
Relinquish suffering

We stand as slaves of humanity
Fed lies and starved of serenity
Powerless, mislead and bound, the cattle abide
Only to be sent to the slaughterhouse to die
Ascended as god, a mover of mountains
An effigy into the past, forgotten and spoken in bleaker times
Crowned upon a bed of thorns, the tyrant shall rise
This is divination
Foolish mortals open your eyes
Your life is a lie

Enamoured by a false illusion of colossal grandeur
Collapse the earths tectonic plates, the equator fracture
Rain death, suffocating the nation
We are all defined by this divine fabrication
Separate and coalesce into existenial freedom to denounce the church of lies and be the ruler of the kingdom
Ascended and empowered like the worlds emphatic leaders
now their begging on their knees for the deity to set free us

For many years of misconception
Centuries of misery
Contradiction slowly unfolds
The public become self aware
The evidence is blatant and conspicuous to even the most idiotic form of man
It's just a matter of time before the world comes to it's senses
I have become
The charismatic leader of these over-eager zealots by default
The time has now come
To put all humane actions to the side, for all of your dead gods laws come undone
No ones there to help, no ones there to protect
Why you waiting for someone to answer when theres nobody there?


We are independent creatures
Inhabited the earth with a purpose to live
Eradicate existence of the mind control contamination
Relinquish suffering''